PediTape app: Augmented Reality Pediatric Weight Estimation

PediTape turns your iPhone into a digital color-coded tape for estimating the child’s weight. Hundreds of thousand of healthcare providers rely on color-coded system for dosing paediatric drugs in both emergency e non-emergency situations. PediTape relates child’s height as measured by the app with ARKit to his/her weight to provide medication dosages, equipment sizes and other critical calculations otherwise would require valuable time from patient treatment.

No more dosing errors.

Despite child weight is one of the most important parameters in pediatric emergency situations often is unknown. For this reason length-based emergency tapes have been developed allowing estimation of body weight from child’s height and calculation of drug dosing to reduce errors. Thanks to augmented reality PediTape let’s healthcare providers easily measure child’s height and estimate the weight. Based on estimated weight the app calculates the correct dosages and performs other critical calculations.

It fits to you.

PediTape has one of the most requested features for this kind of app. For every drug or equipment the healthcare provider has the possibility to add custom personal notes. Furthermore you have the ability to save your favorites drugs or equipments for a quick access.

Clinical validation.

PediTape has been tested but we cannot ensure a clinical validation of the weight estimation until further studies are performed. For this reason we are collecting all measurements to establish the reliability and accuracy of PediTape weight estimation for clinical use. Using this app you agree to collect anonymously all measurements data. Providing the true weight or height of the child if known will help us studying it. Please remember to use always clinical judgment applied to each situation. The information in this app must be verified and checked prior to use by the healthcare provider. The author takes non responsibility for the accuracy of measurements or drugs dosage.

Tommaso Scquizzato
Tommaso Scquizzato

Tommaso Scquizzato is a researcher in the fields of cardiac arrest and resuscitation science at the Center for Intensive Care and Anesthesiology of San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, Italy. He is the Social Media Editor of Resuscitation, member of the Social Media Working Group of ILCOR, and member of the ERC BLS Science and Education Committee.

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