Smartphone software update could potentially affect the efficiency of lay first-responders networks in out-of-hospital cardiac arrests
Tommaso Scquizzato, Giovanni Landoni, Federico Semeraro, Alberto Zangrillo
Resuscitation  2019

Adopting a Smart Toothbrush with Artificial Intelligence May Improve Oral Care in Patients Admitted to the Intensive Care Unit
Scquizzato Tommaso, Gazzato Arianna
Critical Care 2019

A smartphone application with augmented reality for estimating weight in critically ill paediatric patients
Scquizzato Tommaso, Landoni Giovanni, Carenzo Luca, Forti Alessandro, Zangrillo Alberto
Resuscitation 2019

A New Approach to Detect Nonconvulsive Seizures in Patients in a Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit by Monitoring Heart Rate Variability
Forti Alessandro, Falla Marika, Scquizzato Tommaso, Strapazzon Giacomo
J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth 2019

Food-riders may improve the chain of survival in out-of-hospital cardiac arrests by delivering CPR and AEDs
Scquizzato Tommaso, Landoni Giovanni, Forti Alessandro
Resuscitation 2019

Cardiac arrest detection through artificial intelligence-based surveillance camera: A working prototype.
Scquizzato Tommaso
Resuscitation 2018;130

Epidemiology and outcomes from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Alta Padovana.
Scquizzato Tommaso, Vanzetto Mauro, Marinaro Giuseppe, on behalf of Alta Padovana OHCA registry collaborators.
Poster session presented at: XI SIMEU Congress; 2018.

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